How to Choose the Right Breed for You

Whether you are a pro or getting a dog for the first time you need to ask yourself a lot of questions. Based on these questions you can easily select a dog for yourself. The most common questions are:

  • Are you new to dogs?
  • You already have a dog?
  • Or had a dog in the past?
  • Do you live in an apartment?
  • A house with a small yard?
  • A house with a big yard?
  • Do you have kids under ten?
  • Can you tolerate barking noise?

All these questions are mighty important when you decide to get a dog here’s why:


Most of the time people already know what size they need, they are just confused about the breed. But if you don't know what size you want then you should have a look around your place. If you live in a small apartment you should get a smaller dog, but remember that small dogs are delicate. When mishandled they may get gravely injured. These dogs need rigorous training as well, because what they lack in size, they make up for it in attitude. Compared to small dogs large or massive sized dogs open spaces as well as big accommodations, which isn't possible in an apartment. Big dogs are general happy-go-lucky in nature, there will be a lot of runny around, goofing off and tail wagging, all of this needs ample space. There tails and the wagging have a lot of force, they might knock-off decoration around the house if the space is compact. Another thing to keep in mind while getting a bigger dog is, the expenses are bigger too. Like more dog food, bigger crate, more vet bills. Big dogs tend to grow bigger with time.

Active or calm

It’s a commonly known fact that energy levels vary from dog to dog. Some may have enough energy to bounce-off the walls where as some wouldn’t even move an inch in the name of playing.  What determines the activity levels in dog, Breed does! Regardless of the energy levels and size, every dogs and puppy need exercise and daily walks. This keeps their energy in check. Walking the dog, no matter what size, is very important. If you are a working man or women, you might need a dog that has lower energy levels like a basset hound, but if you love walking and are an outdoor person that you need a pet that can keep up with your energy levels easily like a border Collie. If you are unsure of the exercise it needs, then observe. If it is acting out, biting, tearing at furniture or digging holes in the backyard, then it needs more exercise and longer walks. Be very sure before getting the dog, because every year thousand of dogs are left at shelters because their owners can keep up with their energy levels.

Maintenance and Grooming

Maintenance and grooming depend upon the appearance of the dog too. Grooming is the basic need of every dog, but how much care and grooming does the dog needs, depends upon the type of coat your dog has. A dog that has good hair growth then will need more grooming as well as routine trimming, but their hair doesn’t shed much. If you get a dog that doesn’t have longer hair then you will need to keep an eye on hair shedding. Medium hair dogs shed more than longer haired dogs. These need frequent grooming and tools that keeps hair shedding in check.

Getting a dog is a big responsibility, be very sure that you can take this huge responsibility.

If you feel that you want to read more about dogs, check kobipets site, its free!

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